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Potent Nature Products
by aia massage

Our fresh, spa-made POTENT NATURE skincare creations enable us to take you on a custom journey into healing and wellness. Learn more about the background of POTENT NATURE.

For details about specific products, click your choice:

Body Scrubs
Body Wraps
Facial Care

Body Scrubs

POTENT NATURE™ Body Scrub formulas
exfoliate, peel, and hydrate with fresh fruits and botanicals mixed with Dead Sea salts, sugars, and oils; great pre-sun prep.

POTENT NATURE Body Scrub choices include:

-- coffee and cocoa (anti-age, anti-cellulite)
-- ginger and green tea (stimulating, anti-age, acne)
-- papaya and pumpkin (peeling and healing)
-- tomato and oatmeal ( anti-acne, tightening)
-- banana and yogurt (anti-wrinkle, soothing)
-- seaweed and seasalt (detoxify and nourish)
-- cucumber and aloe mint (cooling, anti-inflammatory)
-- basil and lemon (revitalizing, spirit lifting)

Body Wraps

Fresh, spa-made POTENT NATURE™ Body Wrap formulas
eliminate, re-mineralize, soothe and hydrate.

POTENT NATURE Body Wrap choices include:

-- cucumber and aloe mint (sunburn relief)
-- ginger and green tea (stimulating)
-- clay and honey (purifying)
-- turmeric and almond (anti-inflammatory)
-- seaweed and oatmeal (nourish, repair)
-- tomato and aloe ( sunburn and acne relief)

Facial Care

Fresh, spa-made POTENT NATURE™ formulas treat your specific needs.

POTENT NATURE facial care choices include:

-- papaya and yogurt (anti-age, exfoliating, and hydrating)
-- red wine, green tea and honey (anti-age, stimulating, and tightening)
-- pineapple and olive oil (anti-age, exfoliating, and hydrating)
-- cucumber and aloe vera (cooling and hydrating)
-- oatmeal and banana (anti-acne, warming, healing, and hydrating)
-- clay, yogurt and honey (anti-acne, purifying, healing, and hydrating)
-- tomato and oatmeal (anti-acne, soothing, astringent)
-- turmeric and almond (anti-acne, anti-age, healing, and purifying)

Current Pricing is available upon request.

More About Potent Nature

Potent Nature skincare line was born of a marriage of my intent to create effective, quality, pure products that would enhance the health and well-being of their users and respond to the involution of Nature.

To create an effective, natural skincare line, I use the tool kinesiology to test lists of ingredients, connected through my interaction with Nature
-- Co-creative Science

Nature is a massive intelligent consciousness group that expresses and functions within the many areas of involution, that is, moving soul oriented consciousness into any dimension or level of form. Nature is the conscious reality that supplies order, organization, and life vitality for this shift.
-- Garden Workbook, Machaelle Small Wright

Nature Intelligiences: Devas and nature spirits are names used to identify two different expressions and functions within the nature consciousness. They are two groups within the larger nature consciousness that interface with the human soul while in form.
--Garden Workbook, Machaelle Small Wright

Kinesiology is a practical tool that uses the muscles and electrical system of the body as conductors of energy that can be interpreted or read in a simple yes/no format. Like the basic computer language 101010, information that is underneath mental thought can be perceived and read.
-- Excerpted from The Five Star Healing Program, Tricia Altenau

Co -Creative Science: Creating through the communication bridge of kinesiology in partnership with nature Intelligiences as a fully operational, functioning, conscious partner.
-- Machaelle Small Wright

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