Air Soy Massage Candle

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Air Soy Massage Candle is a blend of ecosoy wax with butters and oils and essential oils. The cocreated blends are intended to act as a balancer and tonic for the representation of elemental energies, air, earth, fire and water energies in our physical, which includes energy bodies. Air Massage Candle deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin and softens and reconditions dry skin. It strengthens compassion, faith and brings clarity. It can help to relieve muscular aches and pains, colds and flu, hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, mental fatigue, anxiety and depression. It also sooths and uplifts, helping to alleviate tension and stress, clears the sinuses. Pain reliever It blends well with Breathe, One Point, Men's and Deep Relaxation Body & Face Oils. It can be used as a massage candle and lotion bar. Like a lotion bar, it can be massaged into the skin even unmelted. The added friction you apply will assist in it melting into your skin. Aromatherapeutically pleasing.

The piece unique ceramic jars have lids as well for reducing oxidation between uses and maintaining fragrance and most ceramic jars have spouts and handles for ease of use. Each one was created by the potter, artist Susan Altenau, my sister. You can choose to fill any of the ceramic jars with Air Soy Massage Candle.

I used the four elemental candles blended with one of six Body & Face Oil blends in almost every massage in Ti Spa, Hotel L'Esplanade, SXM. Ideal massage surface was created while nourishing and repairing the client. I used kinesiology to test which oils, body butters and candles to use for each client. The results of those rapid testings as the client was settling on a massage table offered insight into the movement of the healing shift.

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