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$90/60 min
$110/75 min

AIA massage encompasses Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Thai Table, Cranial-sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, and Hot Stone & Sound Healing.  AIA Signature massage: an all-in-all balancing massage incorporating universal massage techniques and acupressure with energetic healing to answer your unique needs.

Relaxation massage: ease away tension and soothe tired, sore muscles with this traditional Swedish technique. 

Deep tissue massage: deep and focused movements reach down into the tissue where hidden tension may lie. 

Hot stone and sound healing: using heated rocks and sound therapy, your body is brought into a deep state of relaxation and harmony. 

Thai table: like Thai floor massage, with an emphasis on the acupressure meridians, this technique rebalances the mind, body, and spirit. 

Cranial-sacral: a rejuvenating massage that specifically targets head, back, neck and shoulders to rebalance spinal flow. 

Lymphatic drainage: a light touch, rolling massage with special oils that stimulate circulation and encourage drainage. 

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